What is a family portrait exactly?

Whether an impromptu snap around the Christmas tree or a professional shot of the kids as they race up a sand dune, family portraits are the visual stories that capture the moments and milestones of a family. They tell the story of a family at that point in time – and serve as a time capsule for years to come.

It is surprising how fast time flies. Before you know it, the kids will be grown up and ready to face adulthood and build a family and future for themselves. Family portraits will allow you, one day, to look back and relive those special moments, remembering the occasion and just how much everyone has grown (kids and adults alike!).

Every year, many families decide to have a family portrait taken in order to create and mark a unique memory or occasion that they’d like to enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. Of course, with our ever-busy schedules, it’s always hard to get everyone together, but it’s something that you will never regret.

Not convinced yet? Here are the Top Four Reasons why you should schedule your next family portrait.

1) Family Portraits Serve as a Time Capsule for Your Family

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It’s easy to lose sight of the past. Days are busy and we are forever focusing on what’s just ahead of us. But it actually wasn’t too long ago that the kids were just learning to walk, to crawl, when they were tiny bundles that captivated our endless nights and days. Family portraits capture those important phases in our lives so that we are transported back to that special time and place, acknowledging how far we’ve come, but also, how sweet the journey has been.

2) Family Portraits Create a Fun Bonding Opportunity

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Make your next family portrait part of an annual or quarterly tradition, a good excuse to get together with extended family – or just a fun day out with your little tribe. There’s nothing better than coming together to spend quality time together and to have a goal while doing it:  the goal of a fun and entertaining photography session. If you’re planning a session with the extended family, your session will become just another opportunity for your kids to feel connected to family members. It reminds them of the interconnectedness of family, of the love shared among the whole family.

3) Family Portraits Make For Healthier, Happier Kids

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Did you know that having pictures around helps to boost your children’s self-esteem? Psychologists have found that surrounding your kids with family photos make children happy by reminding them that they are a valued and integral member of their family. By better understanding their identities, kids are better equipped to face life’s challenges with more confidence. By surrounding your children with beautiful customized canvases, showing them old photo books, they are reminded of their roots, where they come from, their background, and their family culture.

4)  Family Portraits Make the Perfect Gift

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If there’s one gift that never gets old, it’s the gift of photos! Family portraits make the perfect surprise for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day. At Souwari, we can help you turn photos into beautiful coffee table books, collectible album, customized calendars – or even help you decorate your home with canvas, wood or metal prints of your favorite family portraits.

. . . . .

Well, are you convinced yet? 🙂

These are just a few reasons why family portraits are so important. We hope this has helped you in finally making the decision to go ahead with your next family portrait. Remember: a family portrait doesn’t have to be formal! When everyone is home, call them to gather around the couch and put your mobile on timer mode for some fun, impromptu photos. If you prefer something more formal, there are plenty of photographers who can take beautiful shots either outdoors or in your home.

But what happens next? What will you do to to ensure that your new photos stand the test of time and don’t get lost on your phone or laptop?

This is where we come in!

Souwari helps make sure your pictures last and your story is told beautifully. You can turn your family portraits into a beautiful story with unique, engaging captions, or use them as your home decor to add extra spice to your home with our canvas, metal or wood prints. Unsure of what to do? No problem. You can always send us your photos and we can give you customized suggestions based on your photographs. We love working with our clients to ensure they are happy with how their family story is told.

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