Kids Art Books

Starting at  AED149.00

Preserve your child’s artwork by turning it into a keepsake album!

How it works:


1. We Collect Your Masterpieces

After you pay the initial Design Fee of AED 149, we send a courier to your home to collect your artwork. Anything goes: paintings, drawings, worksheets, paper mâché, etc!

2. We Do Our Magic

We photograph, edit and layout your Art Book. Once finished, we’ll send you a digital proof and a payment link for printing the album.

3. You Enjoy Your Book!

We deliver your book along with your original artwork. (If you don’t want your artwork back, we’ll recycle it for you!)

1) How does pricing for the Art Books work? 

Pricing for Art Books is in two installments:

1. An initial Design Fee of AED 149 – This covers the collection of your artwork, photography of each masterpiece, and the custom layout of your album.

2. Album Cost – Once you’re happy with the digital proof of your album, a second payment will be due for the cost of printing your album. The cost of the album will depend on which album you choose and how many pages are in your album. Note that each piece of artwork gets its own page. 

You can see our standard 50-page album prices here. Additional pages after 50 are aed 3/page.

Need more than one book? The Design Fee is AED 99 for each additional book plus the cost of the album.

2) Is there a maximum number of pieces I can include in my book?

Our books can hold a maximum of 150 pieces. If you send more than 150 pieces, we will design your artwork into two or more volumes.

3) Can I have copies of the digital images as well?

Yes! For an additional AED 50, we’ll send you a link to all your digital files.

4) Can I add photos to my book?

Yes! You can send your photos to us for inclusion in your Art Book to [email protected] or via WhatsApp to +971 0508905661. Pictures will each get their own page.

5) What are the shipping costs?

Collection of your artwork is free, but our usual shipping costs apply to the return of your artwork and your album. We charge AED 20 for shipping within UAE.

6) Can I add text to my book?

Yes! Simply write the text that you would like to appear on the back side of the artwork. Text will appear under each photograph.

7) Can you place the artwork in a specific order in my book?

Yes! Simply write numbers on the back side of each piece of art to indicate the order they will appear in your Art Book.


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