5 Unique Photo Book Ideas

Every Photo Book tells a story!

When looking for which pictures to feature in your next album, ask yourself: What story do I want to tell?

Here are five unique Photo Book ideas to help you get started.

1) Baby Photo Book

When it comes to your child, every new experience is special, from their first steps to their first bites. Keep track of everything in a photo book that you can look back on and perhaps pass down when the time comes.

Sometimes you don’t always realize how much has changed in your child’s life, but by putting each month’s pictures in Photo Books — and viewing them side by side — you realize how fast time really does fly!

2) Birthday Book

What better gift than a personalized Birthday Book? Ask friends and family members to send over their favorite pictures of the birthday boy or girl, along with a snapshot of a handwritten letter or birthday card. Compile all these special memories and messages in one memorable album. Birthday Books create a beautiful story that can be treasured everywhere and anywhere.

3) Client Book

Thank your clients for their support and remind them of the successful projects you’ve collaborated on at the end of each year. A personalized Client Book is a unique and effective approach to build your professional relationships.

We can personalize your next Client Book with your logo and branding, making it a great way to keep your company’s story top-of-mind!

4) Travel Book

If you’ve recently returned from a fantastic trip, now is a great time to get all your photos put into a beautiful book. You can add a range of interesting extras to your travel book to properly capture the essence of your visit, like maps, itinerary information, snapshots of journal entries, and much more.

5) Anniversary Album

When was the last time you flipped through your wedding photos? Pictures of your engagement? Hold onto all those valuable memories and milestones with an Anniversary Album! It’s incredible to flip through a Photo Book and think about the journey you’ve shared together – what better gift than that?

What story will you tell next?

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